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"We share stories and We move"

Movement IS Medicine's mission is to empower God's people to take back their life one step at a time. To move God's people into a place of not just healing but wholeness. These goals are achieved by sharing healthy recipes, exercising tips, and words of encouragement and inspiration to help and support you while you are on your own personal journey. Movement IS Medicine also has a line of anthologies where authors share their stories of "Movement" in their own lives whether it be weight loss, domestic abuse, PTSD, and cancer.  


"We nurture and empower parents"

Parent Kids Network is a full-service Parent Education Program with a curriculum designed to fit the needs of any parent.  We understand that parenting does not come with a manual and desire to share some tools with each parent to help them along their journey.  We share topics such as; Brain Development, Learning Your Child's Love Language, and Praise Statements.


We provide a list of services to help get your thoughts to your pen. So if you need a Writing Coach, Editing for your book or book Formatting for publishing and an e-book and so on we are your company. Our name says it all we do it all  from Soup 2 Nutz!


Styllwaters' Cafe is a place where you can come when you are thirsty for coffee and community. It is a mobile Cafe hosted primarily in the West Philadelphia Mill Creek Community.  Artists from the Tri-State area come to minister in different forms of creative arts such as dance, spoken word poetry, clean rap, song, and comedy. 


The Nanny and Me Series is a collection of books sharing the adventures of Ramona M. Gaines and her maternal grandmother whom she calls, Nanny. For Ramona, the bond she shared with her Nanny was something special that she will always cherish and never forget. Ramona uses the Nanny and Me series to share the rich traditions and values she learned from her Nanny that she still ascribes to today which is: faith, family, food, and loads of fun.
So come along and enjoy the journey with Ramona and Nanny

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